Hoof trampling … adrenaline rushing through your body … the sound of the mallet hitting the ball … breezing horses; you feel united with your horse when you follow the ball in full gallop. In the meantime you are chased by 7 other players and their horses… Will you be hooked, driven off the ball or are you going to score?!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a polo player? We can make this dream come true very quickly.

For groups or individuals Polo Club Waalre organizes clinics and polo lessons in which you will learn the principles of the polo sport. In the end, a real polo game will be played. The content of the program or lesson is tailored to the individual experience of the participant(s).

These are some of the things you are going to learn: the techniques of striking with a foot mallet, riding techniques for controlling the polo horse, equipment of player and horse, saddling the horse, stick and ball exercises (hitting the ball in gallop), the rules and eventually playing practice matches. Some riding experience is preferred but not necessary.

Of course before and after the clinic any kind of refreshment is possible, for example enjoying a real Argentine Asado (BBQ) after the clinic. It is also possible to have a professional photographer capture the clinic.

Basic conditions for participation:

  • Participants must have mastered the basics of riding (preference)
  • Wearing a polo helmet or cap, boots or footwear with a low heel is required,
  • Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the polo professionals present,
  • Participants are obliged to insure WA and participation is entirely at their own risk.

If you would like more information about following a Polo Clinic, please contact us. Prices are from € 150, – p.p. excl VAT. Optional to discuss is a lunch/ Asado and drinks.