Discover what Polo Brabant has to offer. You can take a look during the weekend at the stables on the estate to see how the polo horses are cared for and prepared for a competition. Get literally in touch with these ‘rough’ horses and the polo players. Get extensive information from a groom (Argentinean horse caretakers) or a polo player, about the life of a polo horse, the polo equipment, impact techniques and the most important rules of the game.

During the weekend it is also possible to follow a private tour with a polo player, a groom or with our well-known commentator Jan-Erik Franck, together with your guests, before the tournament. Experience for yourself what it is like to sit and ride on a polo horse. It is even possible to follow a (short) clinic with one or more polo players.

Are you interested in this? Let us know, so we can look at the possibilities together.